About Us

We offer the highest quality taxidermy work at competitive prices. Your lifelong satisfaction with investments in our work is our goal.

We are sought out by hunters, enthusiasts, and museums worldwide for our lifelike, anatomically correct mounts.

While we have won many awards for our taxidermy work, our focus is on repeat business and continual improvement of our skills. Our taxidermists, many of whom are avid hunters themselves, compete annually in state competitions and attend seminars to remain current in the very latest and most up-to-date taxidermy techniques.

The many clients who return to us time and again for preservation of their trophies can attest to our craftsmanship and seamless customer relations. Individualized attention to your piece and consultations with our expert taxidermists result in anatomically-correct mounts and beautiful habitats that will preserve your memories for decades to come.


What started as a one-man shop in 1997 has grown into a business that employs six taxidermists and one habitat technician. Dave still oversees all work and has a hand in every piece that comes through his shop.

We offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our taxidermy work!

Flexible payment plans available.

We accept cash, checks, and wire transfers.