Building relationships with our customers paramount, and we give each piece individualized attention and care. We offer taxidermy services for large and small game, birds, reptiles, and fish. We serve New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and beyond!

We accept shipments from ANYWHERE!

Large Game

Our staff is experienced and properly trained to mount game heads and life-size animals from North America, Africa, and Asia. All skins are fully tanned, degreased, and shampooed prior to mounting to ensure beautiful odor-free displays. We use only competition-quality eyes and jawsets. All mammals have hand-carved nostrils, ear liners, and nictitating membranes for that “alive” look!

We have worked on all 29 varieties of North American large game, and have preserved large game from every continent except Antarctica.

  • North America & South America
    • deer
    • elk
    • bear
      • lifesize
      • rugs
        • open- or close-mouthed
        • come with wall hangars
    • moose
    • sheep
  • Africa
    • warthogs
    • zebras
    • kudus
  • Asia
    • Himalayan Tahr
    • Chamois

Small Game/Birds

We offer a freeze-dry service for very small game (such as weasels, squirrels, etc.) and for birds (quail, woodcock, etc.).

  • weasels
  • squirrels
  • quail
  • woodcock

For foxes, coyotes, raccoons, bobcats, ducks, etc., we offer complete taxidermy service.

  • gray foxes
  • red foxes
  • coyotes
  • raccoons
  • bobcats
  • ducks


D&H Taxidermy staff has preserved a variety of reptiles, from rattle snakes to alligators.

  • snakes (life-size mount or skin mount)
  • alligators
  • crocodiles